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Know the basics of how to ride? Making the leap from dirt to street?

If you have at least 1000 miles riding experience on your temporary permit, OR you are returning to motorcycling after an extended absence, the Basic Returning RiderCourse (BRC-RR) may be the perfect course for you.

This course is NOT suitable for absolute beginners or riders under the age of 18. Students who register for the BRC-RR are expected to already possess basic motorcycle control skills. After a brief familiarization with our training motorcycles, riders MUST demonstrate sufficient skill in shifting (1st & 2nd gear), braking and stopping, and also perform a control skills exercise (offset weaves with clutch control) with proficiency to be allowed to continue. Students unable to perform basic control skills will be counseled out of the BRC-RR and advised to register for the Basic Rider Course for an additional fee.

This learner-centered course covers risk awareness and preparation, street strategies, and riding impairments in a 3-hour classroom session. Outdoor range exercises are conducted on our training motorcycles (all 250cc or smaller) in a controlled environment, where students receive up to 6 hours of hands-on riding experience and personal, professional coaching. Total instructional time is 9 hours, including a skill evaluation at the end of the course.

Riding Gear Requirements

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Helmet — DOT approved

Helmet - Full-face, 3/4 helmets are acceptable, provided that they meet minimum DOTcertification. Personal helmets are subject to inspection for the DOT certification and that they are in good working condition. 1/2 shell helmets are not permissible.

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Eye Protection

Eye protection - Face shield, goggles or some form of sun/eye glasses. They may be tinted or clear. Ordinary prescription glasses may be worn. For night training eye protection must be clear.

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Long Sleeves

Long sleeve T-shirt or dress shirt that reaches the wrist or jacket are all acceptable.

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Sturdy Pants

You must wear pants! No exceptions. Denim or leather jeans are preferred. All pants are required to have NO holes in them and must come down to the foot. Dress slacks, spandex, leggings, and sweatpants are NOT permissible.

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Full-finger Gloves

Must be full finger and cannot be open on the back of the hand or knuckles. Gloves must be motorcycle specific or sturdy leather or synthetic. (Dishwashing gloves and surgeon's gloves are NOT permissible)

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Over-the-ankle Boots or Shoes

MUST completely cover your ankle, have little to no heel (NOT cloth, canvas, etc.), and have a good rubber sole for traction.
Thin fabric shoes made of canvas or other non-boot fabrics are not permissible.

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The Mission of the Missouri Motorcycle Safety Program is to provide quality motorcycle rider education and enhance motorcycle rider safety to the citizens and visitors of the State of Missouri.