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A two-hour first-touch experience to “try on” a motorcycle. Through a series of guided activities, this hands-on, learner-centered experience offers participants an opportunity to discover if motorcycling is right for them. Under the supervision of an MSF-certified RiderCoach, participants become familiar with the primary parts and controls of a typical motorcycle, manipulate and operate those controls, discover the risks of riding and the benefits of professional training.

The hands-on experience is usually enough for participants to consider whether or not learning to ride is for them. The IME is a perfect introduction to the joys of motorcycling and NOT intended to teach a person how to ride. There is no skill test or license waiver associated with this course.

This course is for:

  • Anyone who has never ridden a motorcycle.
  • Anyone who wants to see if learning to ride is right for them.
  • Anyone who wants a taste of motorcycling in a low-risk environment.
  • Anyone who wants extra time to prepare for the Basic Rider Course.

We provide:

  • Basic introduction to motorcycle operation.
  • Slow, relaxed pace for maximum confidence and fun.
  • Small class sizes (3:1) for more personal attention.
  • Training motorcycles, helmets, and participation certificates.
  • Motorcycle Safety Foundation certified RiderCoaches.
    Introductory Motorcycle Experience